Using Digital Media Wisely in Cleantech

Cleantech marketing can take a good product or service and make it recognizable, familiar, and comfortable for consumers. This is generally known as branding, in which a company develops and promotes an idea that captures and transmits the essential raison d’etre of their business model. Today, in the era of our complex digital world, branding should be embedded across multiple media but contain consistent messaging. Appropriate digital media marketing can create a whole picture of the consumer cleantech experience you provide without relying on the traditional 30-second sound bite.



Communication possibilities within digital media spaces require new cleantech marketing structures that address branding through concise messaging and a keen understanding of your intended audience.

Enrich your network of contacts through digital platforms

Networking involves creating win-win situations with other people by being helped and helping others. Your cleantech company can establish a circle of influence that encompasses other people who are also in the cleantech industry, the technologists who are driving cleantech behind the scenes, existing customers who may help your cleantech company to grow, and others.

Yes, like many businesses, you’ll need to join like-minded others at conferences, cocktail parties, and community events. You’ll extend the buzz you create at these events, however, if you can share clever and catchy digital platforms where your message is featured. Bring your iPad! Your digital presence can make all the difference in the way you are perceived by potential customers and investors— for positive or negative effect.


When designing your cleantech business website architecture, infuse lots of white space and intuitive navigation. Design should be consistent with style expectations of your audience. The contemporary, sleek, minimalist look that appeals to 25-40 year olds, for example, looks easy to create but is a consequence of careful planning and design. Get rid of the visual pollution.

Moreover, don’t assume your audience knows about your cleantech industry. Use your cleantech business website to narrate specifically and succinctly who you are, what you do, and how your cleantech business will benefit the consumer or investor. Make sure the copy defines terms and concepts in ways that are understandable. Pay attention to how images and design elements reinforce the points you are trying to make.

Describe what you do in a concisely worded slogan that is then explained in detail afterward through floating text boxes. Focus on function over flowery language, please. Emphasize how your customers save money, are more efficient, and belong to a sustainable community when they use your products or services.

Facebook page

While your teenager won’t be seen near Facebook (FB), your cleantech marketing digital campaign should include a FB presence. Most businesses now augment a website — which offers a formal business point of view– with a FB page that leans toward the more informal, easy going aspects of your cleantech business.

Because FB chronicles a community of individuals who share common experiences, you can orient your cleantech business FB page toward the lives of people who use your product or service. What experiences capture their connection to your company? What pictures can you include to help potential customers visualize what their own lives might be like through becoming one of your cleantech customers?

You can also use a FB business page for cleantech marketing needs like contact information, hours of operation, a reverse chronology of your company’s growth, or links to community activities in which you’re taking part. In other words, a FB page incorporates the human side of the cleantech business.

Word cloud

A word cloud is word splash that is designed with vertical and horizontal lines. It foregrounds particular words and terms over others and is a colorful and small digital example of your business focus. A word cloud is an efficient cleantech digital marketing technique because it is individualized to your particular company vision, can be cross-embedded in other digital media, and works as a quick yet fun synopsis of your cleantech business.


This image-based digital platform now exceeds any other for reaching a millennial audience. It is completely focused on visual messaging and sharing.What images can your cleantech company feature on Instagram? Decide what you have ready to post and create a schedule to help you remember what to post when and to track what is working once you get going. Update your Instagram account periodically but frequently enough to demonstrate how vital and popular your cleantech business is. Cross-post selected images to your FB business page with a hashtag that aligns with your campaign or brand image to establish connectivity among digital media spaces.

Twitter presence

Twitter is a digital self-promotion space like no other. What you tweet as part of your cleantech marketing campaign becomes a running record of how you interact with the world. You can include famous quotes, record observations, cite research, make announcements, update your followers on cleantech news items— all in 140 characters or less.

Start by designing a username, also known as your handle, which is your unique identifier on Twitter. Then it may make sense to create two hashtags for use when you tweet as part of your cleantech marketing campaign. The first is an abbreviation of your company’s name. The second is your slogan, which is a thematic message that you carry to every cleantech marketing point you use. It could be something like #windworks #cleanbreezes.

Reviews and comments

You absolutely need to devote time to reading and responding to customer feedback through the reviews they write and the comments they leave on various digital media spaces. How you do so helps you to connect, engage, and establish trust with current and prospective clients, increase brand awareness, generate website traffic, and, ultimately, increase sales. Think of it as an opportunity to prove how awesome your company is in the same way that you respond to customers face-to-face.

Digital media marketing’s potential for cleantech

Cleantech marketing is more than spreading the word about your company: it’s an art form that needs to be cultivated so that your brand becomes known among cleantech options. Take the time to construct a message that captures your mission and contributes to a positive image of who you are as a business and how your company is helping to protect the planet.

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