Our goals as teachers are to awaken students’ love of life and to direct their hopes and andy's mural resizeddesires into a hunger for learning.  As a teacher and digital and media literacy curriculum designer, I know it is important:

  • to engage students in digital literacy learning so they acquire additional skills and strategies;
  • to develop student learning experiences that connect youths’ in-school and out-of-school learning;
  • to offer inquiry into topics that arouse youth passions to assist them as they become more fully literate;
  • to balance opportunities for analysis with original composition so that critical examination is not negative and reductionist;
  • and, to think of media literacy as a socially inclusive approach which calls upon civic participation and thinking about lifelong learning.

Curricular Design

IDigItMedia helps you consider these important components of an education as you create your own instructional design.   Here are some instructional designs that might excite you about infusing digital and media literacy and learning in your own space.

Sports, Popular Culture, and Literature

Children’s Literature

Conspiracy Theory

Gender and Sport

Introduction to Classroom Research

Psychology and Literature


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