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“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

-Zora Neale Hurston, folklorist and writer (7 Jan 1891-1960)

Dr. Carolyn Fortuna — Educator and Environmental Writer

IDigItMedia’s founder and host, Dr. Carolyn Fortuna, is an award-winning educator and environmental writer whose work captures the zeitgeist of our times.

What does digital and media literacy and learning look like? IDigItMedia and Dr. Carolyn can offer you expertise as:

  • a multi-year contributor to CleanTechnica, an online renewable energy magazine;
  • an online instructor for teachers and gender theorists through Rhode Island College;
  • a writing workshop leader in Florida and Connecticut; and,
  • a digital and media literacy leader consultant for organizations like yours.

Reaching out to Renewable Energy as a Lifestyle

Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and taking action that are in the interests of protecting the natural world. The transition to the energy of the sun, wind, waves, and water is happening around us, but it will take adjustment in our lifestyles if we are to move to zero emissions.

If you’re interested in learning more about clean, renewable energy, here are many articles that Dr. Carolyn has written for CleanTechnica as part of her quest as environmental writer to reach out and help others learn about living in a sustainable world.

Rhode Island College — instructor: distance learning

Writer’s Workshops — Fort Pierce, FL and Stafford Springs, CT

Digital and Media Literacy and Learning Seminars

Welcome to IDigItMedia, which provides all kinds of literacy-based professional development — from conference keynotes, to collegiate seminars, to personalized group instruction, to individual writer’s workshops.

We offer you a variety of new ways to interact with the digital and media literacy culture in which we live. The internet creates many options for gaining information, connecting with others, and sharing ideas. We offer professional development seminars and presentations where participants can learn to analyze social and cultural norms, to compose digitally, and then to share their new expertise with others.

Through IDigItMedia, you can gain more digital tool know-how while enriching your writing skills, media analysis, social media interactions, compositional capacities, and critical thinking skills. We help people of all ages to better read their 21st century worlds.

Our team can become part of your school action plan, community outreach, youth advocacy and tutorials, senior citizen workshops, non-profit initiatives, or higher education scholarship and research. We can adapt our sessions for young children, early adolescents, youth, cultural workers, teachers, administrators, library media specialists, or seniors.

Recent IDigItMedia Publications

Dr. Carolyn conducts qualitative research analysis about digital media literacy across a variety of disciplines. Here are some of her recent publications.

“Here for You: The Gift of Shared Digital Literacy.” International Literacy Association. 2019.

“You Play Ball Like a G-g-g-i-r-r-l-l! Student Attitudes about Gender Constructions in Sport.” Critical Perspectives on Gender and Sport. Editor Curtis Fogel. Common Ground Research Networks. 2018.

“Replicating Research as a Pathway to Digital Literacy.” Chapter in Developing Contemporary Literacies through Sports.  Editors Brown, Alan and Luke Rodeslier. NCTE. 2016.

Here is her CV if you’d like to get some ideas about professional development for your organization.

Let’s Get Started! What is your vision for today’s composing process in a digital media world?

Dr. Carolyn’s vision of today’s composing process is known by the acronym, SOARS!

Interested? Click on our Workshop page for a sample of digital media literacy and learning sessions to learn more….