Visual Analysis Protocol

What is the goal of Visual Analysis? 

We can come to understand how the various elements within a visual image work together to create a persuasive message when we engage in visual analysis.
THE PROTOCOL: Questions to Consider in Content Analysis 

Analyze the Rhetorical Context

1.   Who is the text’s composer?

2.    What is her or his role or position in her or his discourse community?

3.     Who is the intended audience of the composer’s text?

4.  What is the circumstance which prompted this composer to create this text?

 Analyze the Textual Features

5.  What structural mechanisms are used to draw the reader/ viewer/ listener into the text?  How are lighting, sound, music, voice over’s, special effects, editing, color symbolism, casting used to create audience interest?

6. What issue is being addressed?  What is the text composer’s major claim or thesis?

7. What evidence or reasons does the text composer supply to support the claim? How good are these reasons or evidence? Why do you trust or distrust the claims and evidence?

8. What makes the text persuasive or unpersuasive?

Place the Text in a New Context

9. How does this text relate to other texts you have been reading/ watching/ listening to?  Describe similar patterns and trends.

10.How might another text composer (or you) use this text for a secondary purpose? What would be your goal in recontextualizing this original text?